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Miranda Rae meets Tim Kindberg Author of Vampires of Avonmouth


Tim Kindberg's research interests lie in applying ubiquitous and mobile computing technologies to new kinds of digital media platforms.

He is the founder and creator of social video platforms Vorb and Nth Screen, and has powered other creative installations and platforms through Matter 2 Media. He also consults for arts companies and corporations through Tim Kindberg consulting

He has several decades of experience in building novel platforms, starting from his work on cloud computing in the 1980s, before the web existed.


Tim is a Bristol author who has recently self-published a book with strong local links.

Vampires of Avonmouth is gothic sci-fi set in the future between Bristol and West Africa.

The link to Bristol is strong if tongue-in-cheek. Avonmouth has become a weird mega-city in 2087, except that the Spillers grain silo is still there; Bristol languishes (only Arnos Vale gets a mention); and "Super Mare", as it is known in the book, has become the heart of darkness where the savages are robots. The two scientists are Dirac and Higgs - named for the Nobel prize-winning physicists who, I'm sure you know, both went to school in Bristol. Oh, and there's a dog called Coleridge.

2087, Everything changes for David when a ship arrives from West Africa, carrying a vampire who hungers not for blood but mental energy. As she hunts those around him, David struggles to protect her ultimate prey - the woman he falls in love with, despite himself. For David is carrying his own monstrous secret inside. If he fails, she will lose her mind. Literally.

This is a story of mental enslavement – by systems of oppression, and by parts of our own selves.  

Buy a copy from usual platforms or direct from Tim's website:


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